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A food for life

Around nine million tonnes of mushrooms are consumed worldwide each year – a simple food source containing all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed for a high performance diet.

High in protein and dietary fibre, yet low in saturated fat, mushrooms are considered the 15th superfood. They often provide the 'meat' of a vegetarian dish, with a nutrient composition combining the best of both plant and animal worlds.

The humble mushroom is today's vegetarian dietary super-hero.

Unlocking the nutritional power of mushrooms

MBio uses natural science to enhance and unlock nutrients from mushrooms that will help meet the challenge of global food security.

We enjoy unique access to an abundant, continuous flow of feedstock, sourced from 100 million kilos of fresh mushrooms harvested annually by one of the world's largest growers.

Our products are high in protein, nutrient-rich, allergen-free and completely sustainable – addressing a global need for a new, healthy, vegetarian, functional food source.

Transforming the mushroom industry with ground-breaking science

Monaghan Mushrooms, MBio’s parent, is a family business employing 3,500 people across Ireland, the UK, Europe and Canada.

Monaghan owns its own supply chain, and produces four billion mushrooms each year with complete traceability – meeting exacting quality standards of some of the world's largest supermarkets.

Launched in 2012, MBio now has a team of 60 including 16 PhDs who draw on our unique culture collection, MBioBank, to innovate products for our parent.

Our focus is broadening as we work with leading food brands to improve the flavour and nutritional value of their product portfolio. Continuing research will provide insights into how the mushroom supports human health.

MBio products – better food through natural science

MBio leads the field in developing vitamin and mineral enriched mushrooms, including vitamins D, B12 and selenium. The recent launch of a new vitamin D and B12 enriched mushroom addresses two major deficiencies of the vegan diet.

Our mushroom powders, enriched with vitamins and minerals, provide ingredients for functional food, sports and nutraceutrical markets.

Devoted to closing the bio economy loop, we use clean, traceable processes to create sustainable, natural ingredients, with no waste.

If you would like to learn more about our products, please get in touch.

A mushroom

Helping mushrooms realise their potential!

We're excited about the potential of this amazing food source! We're looking for people who share our passion to join our growing team, and to grow our partnerships with like-minded organisations.

MBio's home is five minutes from Monaghan town, set amid the county's lakes and beautiful countryside, just an hour’s drive from Dublin or Belfast. As home to many agri-businesses Monaghan has a strong culinary tradition, and provides a lifestyle free from the stresses of city living.

We’re keen to talk, whether you are a potential member of our team, a food producer or retailer.

We currently have the following opportunities available:

For more information, or to apply, please contact Elaine Cunniffe.

Inspirational leadership

MBio's direction and vision is provided by our board, led by Ronnie Wilson, the founder of the company.

Ronnie Wilson
Ronnie Wilson Chairman

Ronnie Wilson founded Monaghan Mushrooms in 1981. Today Monaghan Mushrooms is one of the leading mushroom and substrate producers in the world and Ronnie’s vision has been central to the establishment of MBio.

Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson Director

Paul Wilson is Vice Chairman of Monaghan Mushrooms, having served as a member of its board since 2007. In this position Paul leads the strategic development of the group with responsibility for acquisitions and corporate activity. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer of the business for 10 years until December 2016.

Paul Finnerty
Paul Finnerty Director

Paul is Chairman of Yield Lab Europe, an investor in early stage Agtech businesses. Previously, Paul was CEO of ABP Food Group, one of Europe’s largest privately-owned agribusinesses with a turnover of €3 billion. Before joining ABP Paul was a partner with KPMG specialising in Corporate Finance.

Peter Corcoran
Peter Corcoran Chief executive officer

Peter Corcoran has a wealth of experience in the development of early stage businesses. Prior to appointment as MBio’s CEO Peter was Finance Director of a renewable energy business focussed on bringing a new form of energy generation to market, which was acquired by an industrial in 2013. Earlier in his career Peter worked in energy supply, software and business consulting sectors. He is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Jude Wilson PhD
Jude Wilson PhD Chief scientific officer

With almost 20 years of research management experience, Jude is MBio’s Chief Scientific Officer. Jude has a PhD in Molecular Parasitology from the University of Manchester and completed her postdoctoral research programme at Yale University Medical School, in the USA. Jude has prior experience of working both in the US and also Ireland. Jude first joined Monaghan Mushrooms in 2011 and since appointment as MBio’s CSO Jude leads research programmes focused on unlocking the nutritional powder of mushrooms.

Darragh Gaffney
Darragh Gaffney Enzyme lead

Darragh has a background in Chemistry and Enzymology, obtaining his PhD from the University of Limerick. After working in industry for a number of years, he joined MBio and leads the technical development of the Enzyme Team. Darragh is further responsible for the development of strategic partnerships.